Accident Reporting. Simplified.

A mobile app that allows you to document all the accident information, quickly and effectively. Merely SNAP some pics, SCAN a licence disk and SUBMIT your accident're done.

Why is Smash’D needed?

There are over 1 million accidents reported annually of which costs our country nearly R2 billion to manage. Not only is the current reporting processes consuming valuable time and resources; we need to further consider the cost of printing, data capturing and data management.

1 Million


2 Billion Rand


Why We Built Smash'd?

For those that had to report an accident, they know that not only is the reporting process lengthy, it also required to be reported within 48 hours of the collision. The accident itself is a traumatic experience, we aimed to help both government and citizens in completing the official accident report form (AR Form) seamlessly whilst at the collision scene.

Time Saving

To report an accident at the police station can take upward of an hour to complete. Smash'D reduces the time spent at the police station by ensuring information is collected speedily.

Seamless Experience

There is no doubt that motor vehicle crashes are traumatic and not understanding what information to collect or how to collect it makes the situation worse. Smash'D has cleverly integrated SNAP and SCAN features to simplify the process.

Accurate Data

Duplication of tasks and poor data management has made it difficult to truly understand key areas of improvement. Our architecture has been designed for scalability to ensure sound data management.

We realized that if we want services to improve, we needed to help our government understand how we want to solve problems.


How We Simplified It

Smash'd is a FREE mobile app that allows you to document required information quickly. All you need to do is, SNAP, SCAN and SUBMIT... you're done!


Through guided user experience, you will SNAP pictures of the accident scene and/or vehicle damages speedily.


We built in a secure encrypted method for you to share and receive both vehicle and personal information between parties.


As per legal requirements, the report must be signed before a police officer and be submitted in order to receive an Accident Report Number(AR Number), which is used by your insurance company whilst processing a claim.



Smash'D has a built-in scanner that allows you to scan licence discs and Smart ID's to capture information seamlessly and quickly.


Smash'D emails you a completed AR form that is ready to be submitted at your closest Police Station.


With your support and feedback, we hope that we would be able to integrate systems and have this be a seamless process for all.

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Available for IOS and Android devices.