Motor claims streamlined

Smashd made traditional claims process easy, as it happens be the first to know about your customers accidents and get accurate data

What we are offering?

Smashd has built an end to end solution to fast track the motor claims process.

We have done this by capturing the accident report digitally through our free to use app.

How it works:  Our seamless process takes Citi-Zens through a step by step guide in capturing all the accident details and road surface questions. During this process we capture high-quality photos that are date and time stamped real-time, making evidence more substantial. 

We then prompt them to capture the personal info of all parties involved in the accident by scanning their  ID or the Drivers License. This is not only easier and faster for the parties involved, but it makes it a more reliable way of capturing the correct credentials. We then prompt them to capture all the details of the vehicles involved by simply scanning the vehicle disk.

The parties involved will then submit their accident info and will be returned automatically with a completed accident report form that they can print and take to the police station to be signed.

Once signed they will recapture the signed AR form that will be submitted to there insurer to process the claim. 

How Smashd will improve your relationship with your clients?

Smashd Claims process is made not only to make the life of the insurance company easier but that of their clients to. Now customers can report an accident and submit a claim digitally fast and efficiently.

Smashd also allows your clients to know the status of the claim process and when it has been approved or rejected. 

Claims Partner Process

Smashd is highly integrative and customisable to your system.  We can integrate into your system directly, or we can send you processed claims of your policyholders through traditional methods. Contact us today to request a demo


Process Claim Quicker

Smashd has an end to end accident reporting system  where the following is captured:

  1. Description of Smash
  2. Vehicle damage
  3. Accident Scene
  4. Parties involved details
  5. Road Conditions
  6. Special Observations
  7. Images of Smash

Extra questions can be asked through the Smashd process for your customer base at a premium


Process claims faster

You can receive accident reports and process claims faster, now with Smashd  there is no need for back and forth communication with customers to gather the correct information, now you can simply approve and decline claims and let us handle the gathering of the correct info to process a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

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01. What type of support is included with this Service?

Software support services are generally technical support or break/fix services that are delivered for specific software products

02. What platform should we target? iOS/ Android or both?

Both of the organizations have the Holy Guidelines, according to which the iOS and Android custom app concepts have to be created.

03. What is a deactivated user?

These users have had their access to the team, team-visible boards, and boards in the team of which they were a member removed.

04. Would you take care of my application once it gets live?

a direct system of communication exists between your home and the person you are caring for.


R350 per Claim

List your company on Smashd for free and only pay when claims are processed through Smashd.

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