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Motor accidents

How Smashd can help your business

Smash'd is the end to end system of all things motor accidents before and after you meet with one. If your business is in Insurance, Repairs and Car Rentals then Smash'd should is where your business should be listed.


Accidents a year


Accidents a month


Average spent on repairs


Average spent on legal


Smashd offers a ranges of offerings.

With our plug and play model now you can integrate your business into Smashd in these four process journeys. Now you can be involved as it happens just after a Citizens reports an accident you can plug into a journey within Smashd to be in front of your customers at the point of decision making or be the first point of contact.


Benefits of capturing the accident details digitally through Smashd

Accurate Data from Accident Scene
Secure and accurate personal info
High Res Accident Images
Location and date stamped by Smashd
Ask additional questions in the journey

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